John ColemanJohn Coleman


  • Degree in History from University of East Anglia
  • Studied at London Business School (1990/91)
  • MA in Coaching and Mentoring from Oxford Brookes
  • Fellow of CIPD
  • Counsellor training at Waverley Abbey
  • Trained as a Spiritual Director with SPiDIR

Employment history

  • Management Trainee for Plessey Communications (1984-6)
  • Worked in training and consultancy since 1986
  • Went onto to found Cygnet Business Development (1989) and become MD
  • Founded Plover 2003
  • Worked as Programme Coach on Oxford University’s MBA (2004 – 2011)

About Me

I think I’ve been involved with several thousand people in my career so far. Our library has about the same number of books, so I like to think that between the books and the people I’ve developed a balanced set of perspectives, experiences and skills. My clients have ranged from CEOs to directors and managers, to sports people, to doctors, nurses, pastors, and MBA students. I’ve mainly worked with high or solid performers, or high performers wanting to experience greater heights, but I have also worked with the bruised and battered who needed some fast and practical help.

My approach to coaching and training is always to seek the good, see the good, affirm and build up. I do a lot of listening to stories, hurts and hopes, dreams and doubts, beliefs, perspectives and goals. However, I do want to provide feedback, insight and challenge. I do not believe in self-help alone as a path to flourishing. I believe that we all need some outside help, guidance and support at times, which is where I can help as a coach. Wherever possible I also like to involve clients in training activities, mixing with others who want to develop, and also through reading programmes.

My approach to coaching is always to seek the good, see the good, affirm and build up

I want my work to help people flourish more in the long-term. For me this means helping people develop further external skills like communication and relationship skills, but also internal skills such as managing personal emotions, developing and using constructive beliefs. I particularly want to see people: succeed in their jobs and enjoy them; fully engage with life and with others; develop rich emotional lives; build robust and generous identities, and work through difficult experiences and transitions in life and work.

I have a strong Christian faith that influences my practice strongly – not that I see my role as a coach as imposing my beliefs, frameworks and perspectives on others. Instead my role is to understand the perspectives and frameworks of clients. Many of my clients have not shared my faith and have a very secular view of life. It’s more that my faith gives me a strong belief in a loving God who wants everyone to flourish whatever their beliefs and background. My faith also gives me a deep conviction in the value and dignity of each person along with the transforming power of divine love, power and hope that wants to get everyone in on the flourishing life.

I love walking and engaging with the natural beauty around us here on the edge of the Cotswolds. I love watching cricket and rugby, reading, having great conversations with friends about things that matter, and playing the guitar. I have a two wonderful grown up children, an equally wonderful son-in-law and two beautiful grandchildren.