Where possible, we seek to run workshops alongside our one to one coaching. Our workshops are designed for between 8-16 people. They are crafted to combine practical teaching on various flourishing topics, as well as creating a safe space to have personal and powerful conversations about how these concepts apply to our lives. We have also developed a range of exercises that help give people the opportunity to develop key flourishing skills. 

Our workshops provide a safe space to help clients have personal and powerful conversations about how they can flourish more

Plover’s highly interactive workshops involve pre reading material, excellent thought-through teaching, case studies and training exercises, group discussion and individual work. All our workshops can be tailored to your organisation. Our workshops can be conducted as a one off or as part of a series and can last from ninety minutes to a half day. 


Workshops include:

  • An introduction to flourishing
  • Keys to the flourishing life
  • Flourishing at work and in life
  • Building identity, confidence and self belief
  • Building strong and mutual relationships
  • Developing inter-personal communication
  • Influencing skills
  • Developing a strong and rich emotional life
  • Managing the emotions of others
  • Handling professional and personal disagreement
  • Handling the great but difficult conversation
  • Building a team culture
  • Changing a culture
  • Creating a culture in which people flourish
  • Managing major change
  • Handling people we find difficult
  • Understanding your personality
  • Working with different personalities
  • Developing coaching skills
  • Developing resilience
  • Managing change and transitions
  • An introduction to Christian Spirituality
  • Finding your vocation
  • Developing a spiritual life that works for you
  • Finding community in a way that works for you.

Flourishing in the wild

Avril took this photo on Skomer, just off mainland Wales. It is a wonderful place to see puffins. There were literally thousands of these wonderful, characterful birds everywhere. We also saw eagles and porpoises as we ate our sandwiches overlooking the sea. It was a true feast for any nature lover. It is an encouraging reminder that there is wildness, wonder and immense beauty to be found without getting on an aeroplane.